Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jagr Update: Things Get Murkier

There was a report yesterday morning that Jaromir Jagr was on a plane to New York where he would announce the signing of a 1 year deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Whether or not Jagr did arrive in North America is unclear at this point, with his agent stating last night that he was unsure of the Czech's whereabouts at the moment.

This morning we have a story courtesy of Montreal French-language radio station CKAC ( indicating that the Montreal Canadiens may not be out of the race after all. It looks like the Habs might be Jagr's true first choice, as his agent has apparently asked Pierre Gauthier to submit an official offer for the free agent's services.

A main motivation to signing in Montreal for Jagr would be to play with friend and countryman Tomas Plekanec; the two have had great success together on the international stage. From the Canadiens perspective, there is need for additional scoring and certainly some roster spots available at forward, along with plenty of cap room to meet Jaromir's demands.

Stay tuned as this unfolds over the next 29 or so hours!

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