Thursday, June 23, 2011

Habs Sign Markov to 3 Year Contract

BREAKING NEWS: And now it's a done deal. The Montreal Canadiens confirmed this evening that Andrei Markov has signed a 3 year deal. The contract will be worth $5.75M per season, the same he made on his previous deal.

As posted not long ago, Pierre Gauthier was confident a deal would be done either tonight or tomorrow morning, and now we have the official announcement that the best defenseman to play in Montreal the last decade will stick around until at least age 35.

At $5.75M per season, to the uninformed, this may seem like a huge gamble given Markov's recent medical history. However the management team most familiar with his present condition is the one that just gave him this deal, so if they are confident he is good to go, there is no reason fans should doubt this.

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