Friday, June 24, 2011

Markov Meets the Press in Brossard

As Habs fans anxiously await news out of Minnesota today surrounding tonight's NHL Entry Draft, Andrei Markov met with the Montreal media in Brossard today.

A good recap can be found here:

Some GEM quotes from Markov...

Markov: "I was supposed to stay in Russia for two weeks, but I'm happy and comfortable (in Montreal) so I changed my ticket after 7 days."

Markov: "There's always a risk of injury; I play hockey, not chess."

Reporter: "Who's the first guy you're going to hit at your first practice?"
Markov: "Jacques Martin. I'm just kidding."

Reporter: "Will you be able to help mentor the young Alexei Yemelin?"
Markov: "I'm not the coach yet, I'm just a player. But if anybody asks me for help, I'm open to that."

Reporter: "Do you have a no trade clause?"
Markov: "Oh... I have no idea..."
Reporter: "Are you serious?"
Markov: "...Yeah..."

Reporter: "Will you be more cautious in the corners because of the last 2 injuries?"
Markov: "I will be more aggressive."

Reporter: "Were you not interested to test free agency to see what you could be worth on the open market?"
Markov: "It must be interesting but I'm happy here. Our crowd is the best crowd in the league, so every time I step on the ice I'm excited."

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