Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jagr Update: Looks Like Detroit or Montreal

As the Jaromir Jagr Saga continues to unfold (not unlike the Mats Sundin saga of a couple of years ago), the latest reports seem to indicate that it is near certain Jagr will be returning to the NHL, with identified frontrunners for his services being the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens. In fact, a report out of New York claims the Rangers were out of the running, and Montreal is his most likely destination.

Numerous sources quoting Jagr's agent, former Hab defenseman Petr Svoboda, directly have indicated that the Jagr camp spoke with Ken Holland and the Detroit brass yesterday, then the Canadiens camp and possibly other teams today. It seems rumour is likely to turn to reality sooner rather than later, so keep Dan's Daily Dose - Your Canadiens bookmarked for the news as it breaks!

Jagr is likely to get a one year deal, with the dollar amount hard to predict. Initial reports had him willing to play for between $2.5 and $3 million, but the fact that multiple teams are interested may drive bidding north of $4M. If Jagr were to come, Pierre Gauthier would likely owe big thanks to the powers of persuasion of Tomas Plekanec, though the newly married Plekky is likely out of commission the next few days enjoying his honeymoon.


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