Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Note About Our Site

We are not Eklund at HockeyBuzz, and will never post any stories coming strictly from him. We are not any of a myriad of blogs falsely claiming to have sources deep inside the management teams of any of a number of NHL clubs. We don't post made-up rumours (or rumors) to draw traffic to our site or Twitter account.

This morning, it seems a Russian media source picked up our Tweet about Jaromir Jagr's contract being signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins. This Tweet was simply re-hashing something written by Twitter user incarceratedbob, who we couldn't directly re-Tweet because his posts are "private." On many issues, ibob has proven his reliability, and we would only repeat stories we find to be credible/probable (not stories of "early preliminary discussions" like his talk of a Luongo for Stamkos swap).

We DO have some sources on a few issues, and this has allowed us in past and will continue to allow us to break some information before others, particularly when it pertains to the Montreal Canadiens. We will NEVER post something on our website as fact unless we are sure of it, and will only relay rumours we've confirmed as valid from either multiple sources or a source we deeply trust.

Hope this addresses anyone's questions or concerns. Feel free to contact us any time for further information about our site or any posts or Tweets.

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