Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hamrlik Holds Out For Term

Defenseman Roman Hamrlik, who made $5.5M in Montreal last season, has announced that he will not accept the 1-year contract offer made to him by general manage Pierre Gauthier yesterday. Hamrlik would like to stay in Montreal, but sensing this may be the final deal of his career, wants to sign for 2-3 years, and thus is open to exploring other destinations on July 1.

It is believed the offer made to Hamrlik was a single season for between $2.5M and $3.5M. The burden of the final season of Jaroslav Spacek's 35+ deal at $3,833,333 means Gauthier's funds are limited on his blueline and may cause him pause before dishing out a new multi-year 35+ contract - a risky move as the cap hit can only be eliminated by means of trade.

At this point it is safe to assume Gauthier may explore other avenues to add a defenseman once free agency opens, or show faith in those under contract at least to start the season.

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