Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 Habs YouTube Videos

This week's Top 10 is dedicated to those missing hockey terribly right now and needing something to watch. Here are 10 great Habs videos to keep you entertained. I purposely left out all game and player highlights, as well as videos previously featured on this site to give you something fresh. But if you do want highlights and to be excited for the upcoming season, check out this amazing reel of Erik Cole's career.

A disclaimer before we begin that our site did not create any of these videos. They are all from YouTube and the property of their respective creators. Now on to the list!

10) 2-Year Old Habs Fan

Maybe it's just my sensitive side, or the fact that Saku Koivu is my all-time favourite Hab, but I can't get enough of this super cute video.

9) Gilmour Penalty Box Slam

One of my favourite Hab moments of the last 10 years. Undoubtedly, it's Gilmour's calmness and indifference to the shattering that makes it all the more epic.

8) Nike Washed Up Goalie Commercials

These may take some of you back a number of years. An awesome series of ads starring a "Washed Up Goalie."

7) Kovalev vs. Tucker

Given the Leafs' struggles since the lockout, this is probably the best moment the rivalry has had (at least from a Habs perspective). If only Kovalev were ALWAYS this motivated.

6) Montreal - Pittsburgh 2010 Playoff Pre-Game 6 (CBC)

CBC's pre-game intros in the playoffs are second to none. The fact that this was part of a magical playoff run and the song they chose to use really did it for me. When they reprised the song post-game with some of the night's highlights, I'll admit to shedding a tear!

5) Introduction to the Canadian Teams - NBC Parody

So, this one isn't exclusively Montreal Canadiens related, but I couldn't go through a full list without putting some Down Goes Brown in here. Hilarious. Just let me preface it by saying put yourself back one year in time when it was actually made.

4) Saku Koivu Return from Cancer

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance on this night. I've been a part of a number of ovations, but none did it for me quite like this one for my boy Saku.

3) Canadiens Centennial Celebration

What a night this was. The emotion, the feeling when the legends stepped out on to the ice, all the pre-game ceremonies shrouded in secrecy, and of course the whopping of the Boston Bruins that followed.

2) Annakin Slayd's Songs

I'm a fan of corny Habs parodies, but if there's one guy who can make it into a credible, quality song, it's Annakin Slayd. Feels Like '93 was an instant huge hit which he has had to modify a couple of times with player transactions, and while nothing will ever beat the original, this year's Montreal Stand Up did not disappoint as a sequel. Follow this talented artist on Twitter: @annakin_slayd.

1) The 24th Stanley Cup

And here we have it. If you ever wonder how Bob Cole has hung on to a job at CBC for so long, listen to him at his best. The final call is enough to draw emotion from even the most casual of Canadiens fans. After you watch this, you want #25 so damn badly.

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