Monday, July 18, 2011

Budaj goes with # 30

As if to give us things to talk about, the Montreal Canadiens spread out number selection over three different days during the past week.

After Erik Cole took number 72 and David Desharnais switched from 58 to 51, today the club announced that Peter Budaj will wear number 30 this season. Budaj had worn number 31 with the Colorado Avalanche, but that is Carey Price's territory with the Habs. Interestingly, 30 is the same number David Aebischer selected in Montreal after coming over from the Avs.

A question remains, then, as to why Desharnais didn't take number 15, since the article announcing his switch indicated he had in the past chosen 51 only because 15 was already taken. With Jeff Halpern's departure, the Habs have no 15 in the organization.

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