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Habs Development Camp Report - Day 2

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A list of links to reports on Day 2 of the Montreal Canadiens 2nd Dev Camp of the summer. Article

- A great recap of day 2 with special focus on Daniel Pribyl can be found here:
Notable Quote: "Pribyl could improve his skating stability, make better use of his size, and improve his defensive game, but his slick puck skills, compete level and knack for creating offense made him an intriguing later round draft pick for the Canadiens."

@All_Habs Live Tweets

Again huge thanks + props to All Habs who provided even more coverage today than yesterday. Click here to view the Tweets, or see some highlights below. Either way don't forget to give them a Follow!

All Habs (Canadiens)

All Habs (Canadiens)

All Habs (Canadiens)
@ Articles + Interview

- A piece and clip on 2011 first round pick Nathan Beaulieu:
Notable Quote: "Jared (Tinordi) is a great player and we haven’t known each other long but we’re already really good friends," explained Beaulieu who trains with Tinordi in the summer. "He has nothing but great things to say about this organization – he was really positive about the team and the staff and the facilities and the city and everything about being part of this organization."

- A piece on teammate defensemen Mac Bennett and Greg Pateryn:
Notable Quote: "Greg was awesome," offered Bennett. "I was partnered with him probably until February and I loved playing with him; he was like my anchor. When I jumped up, I knew he would always be there to back me up. When you get to college, everyone is a little bit bigger and faster so there’s definitely an adjustment period that takes a couple of games, but it’s something you have to do and Greg was a big part of helping me adjust so quickly."

- See all the Video of Nathan Beaulieu and Mac Bennett here:

- Similarly, TSN piece on Beaulieu learning French:

Photos Courtesy of JT UTAH of

Please give the account @25Stanley a follow and check out his great website for more quality programming like this AMAZING photo album from dev camp!

@rick1042 Live Tweets

Prospect expert Rick was also in attendance today and provided a couple of nuggets. Check out his Twitter feed and do follow him!


HFBoards User Harry Kakalovitch is the best hockey forum on the net, and one user attended the camp today, providing a detailed report of his thoughts here:
Notable Quote: "Pribyl - as opposed to what I just wrote about Dietz, Pribyl definitely needs to work a lot on his skating. He struggled quite a bit on several of the drills, especially skating backwards. He's a big center, and his frame is certainly enticing, but it will take him some time and a lot of work. Intriguing"

HFBoards User PhysicX

See another great report from HF here:
Notable Quote: "After what I've read from HK on Pribyl, I thought he would struggle in the drills. What I saw was the opposite. Backwards skating, he did good, but his one-legged skating and balanced was the best out there today. He looked intense and his skating was the most fluid out of everybody there (me and my friend's opinion). He also has a sweet shot (precise) and overall, looked like a steal."

(French) Marc Antoine Godin Article about Mac Bennett

For those that can read French, check out this piece by one of the city's top sports writers:
If you can't, he basically says that Bennett is progressing well in Michigan despite not having the spotlight/following of a first round pick. His teammate Greg Pateryn, also at camp, describes Bennett as an offensive defenseman, whereas Pateryn is more defensive. He'll return for at least one more year in University, but beyond that remains to be seen.
Notable Quote (translation): The Canadiens believed Bennett would continue to grow into a 6'2" blueliner, but he seems to be stunted at 5'11". "I can establish myself as a smaller blueliner. It's not like before - now there is a place for smaller and quicker defensemen."

@patrickcaisse Live Tweets

Check out his Twitter feed for awesome coverage of camp - just don't put too much stock into his trade rumours. :)

Patrick Caisse
Patrick Caisse
Patrick Caisse

Patrick Caisse

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