Friday, July 22, 2011

New Interview with Erik Cole

Lindsay Kramer - no known relation to yours truly - published a piece for The Post-Standard about new Habs scorer Erik Cole, which can be found here:

Key Quotes / Highlights:

- "I know a bit of French," Cole said. "I know how to get around. I’m definitely not fluent. Being right there in the environment, it should come back to me quickly."

- In response to the issue of playing in a pressure situation: "I look at it as an opportunity. I’m excited for it. To play in front of that atmosphere every game, that’s impressive," he said of Montreal. "There’s always a buzz in the city when it comes hockey time. It’s not going to be easy the entire time. Being in that setting will just build character."

- "I think I’m coming off a year where I had a lot to prove to myself and other people," he said. "It was a good year for me. It could’ve been better. It’s a good step to continue on a road I was on prior to when I was injured. People start doubting you. You lose credibility. But I feel confident in what I’m capable of."

- "We’re definitely anticipating having more (friends and family) coming to games," he said. "A lot of guys I played college hockey with all live in the eastern Ontario area. I always would give them a tough time, they never came down to Raleigh to see games. I don’t think there will be too many home games where I won’t be hosting a family member."

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