Friday, July 8, 2011

Habs Development Camp Report - Day 3

(See Day 1 / See Day 2)

Today marks the final day of this 2nd and last dev camp of the summer for the Montreal Canadiens, meaning the last we'll see of the young prospects until rookie camp in late August or early September. Just like the last two days, we'll update this post with the best reports we find online. Recap Article

- Highlights from Day 3, which included a Bennett vs. Pateryn scrimmage, can be found in a great piece here:
Notable Quote: "Mac Bennett was dominant. He had the vision to make outstanding passes, showing leadership and poise throughout the game." Article

- Great piece on recent Habs draftee Josiah Didier:
Notable Quote: "I’m a stay at home defenseman and my favorite thing to do is block shots and kill penalties, but I’ve been trying to develop the offensive part of my game to become a more complete player," explained Didier, who was a plus-5 in Cedar Rapids last season. "I’m going in with the mindset that I want to earn the ice time I get and I’ll have to battle my way into the lineup."

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Please check out prospect expert Rick's Twitter page and give him a follow! Today's highlights:



HFBoards User Richiebottles

From the best hockey forums on the net, a user's take on the day:
Notable Quote: "Daniel PRIBYL: This guy. He was my favorite. He is a tall center and makes me think of our Very own Avtsin. With Less hands. But he really makes me think of him. He is good news."

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