Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Other Sites You MUST Bookmark

Here at YourCanadiens.Info, we appreciate your readership and repeat visits. That said, by no means do we feel that we are the ONLY Canadiens / Hockey site you can visit to be treated to phenomenal, regular content. Today we'd like to point out 5 other notable sites you'll want to add to your Hockey Bookmark collection. Assuming that, if you've found this post, you're already familiar with,, RDS, TSN, and of course Twitter (search for #Canadiens, #Habs, #GoHabsGo, #NHL, and #TSN), we'll exclude these sites from our list. While there are many many many similar sites out there that you may prefer, this is our list.

5) The Internet Hockey Database -

One of two "resource database" type sites to crack this list, at first glance, HockeyDB may look just like a great way to find year-by-year statistics of anyone to have ever played pro or semi-pro hockey. And this alone is a utility of significant value for any hockey fan. But check out what else is available: hockey card set checklists, list of NHL entry draft selections, and much much more!

4) Down Goes Brown -

If you like hockey-related humour, look no further. Yes, the blog is created and managed by a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but if you look past that a little (and even the blog's creator, affectionately known as DGB per his site's initials, is able to laugh at himself), you'll find yourself laughing hysterically at each new entry or video. For a sample of his work, if you're a Habs fan that is able to take a joke or two, watch this great video about the 2009-10 playoff run:

For our money, the best hockey forum on the internet, boasting the most knowledgeable fans (but keep in mind, every site has its own group of idiots) and most frequent activity. Deals are sometimes leaked on this site before even Bob McKenzie or Darren Dreger speculate as to their feasibility, often due to a user's real life connections. The Canadiens section is one of the site's busiest, and much like this site's motto, discussion covers literally every aspect related to the club.

2) Hockey Inside/Out -

Most should be familiar with this site, but you may not know it under this name, as it first gained popularity as Habs Inside/Out. Well, the site is the one and the same, regular content brought to you by (notably) the Montreal Gazette's core group of sports writers (the name was simply changed following a decree by the Canadiens organization). Led by Mike Boone, Pat Hickey, Dave Stubbs, Kevin Mio, and more, this is the creme de la creme of English-language Canadiens coverage for not just news, but intriguing discussion and analysis as well.

1) -

An amazing utility that shows the contract status of all players for all 30 NHL teams. You can see what kind of cap space the Habs (and any other team) have at any given time. But this site is much more than that. Try the Cap Calculator. It is an easy interface that lets you plan a roster for the current or future seasons and shows you what kind of salary commitment would be required. Want to know what - as of today - the UFA class of 2014 looks like? CapGeek can tell you. Think a Buyout is a good option for the Canadiens? CapGeek's calculator can show you exactly how much salary the team will still face on the cap. One of the most incredible things about the site is how quickly it gets updated following any move. The new numbers go up almost immediately once a signing or trade has been broken.

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Yes, a superb list except #4. I can't get past the leaf fan part! :)-