Friday, April 27, 2012

Funny Friday: A Plug for Down Goes Brown

As a Habs fan, it is ingrained in my DNA to hate all things Toronto Maple Leafs.  But today I will introduce you to a Leaf fan who actually isn't so bad.  In fact, he's quite amusing.  I would go as far to say that his site is the funniest hockey blog on the internet.  This man goes by the name of Down Goes Brown, and you can read his posts here:  and/or follow him on Twitter here:!/DownGoesBrown

I'll warn you that his humour definitely makes fun of teams and players, so if you can't take comical jabs at our beloved Montreal Canadiens, then you should probably stop reading here.  But if you're the type who can laugh at yourself, then enjoy a few DGB highlights.

2009 Playoffs Habs Eulogy

Following the Canadiens run to the Conference Finals and subsequent elimination, DGB got together with blogger Bloge Salming to put this beauty together.

NHL on NBC Canadian Team Preview

Another video in conjunction with Bloge Salming, this one introducing Canadian teams to American TV viewers (note it was made before the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg).

NHL Coach Problems

A great post from about a month ago:
Includes this gem excerpt:

Randy Cunneyworth, Montreal – Hasn’t had time to make much progress on learning French lately, which is too bad because it would have really come in handy next year when he’s coaching in Belgium.

NHL Western Conference Playoff Preview

Another hit from just before the first round:
Perhaps the best is St. Louis - San Jose:

#2 St. Louis Blues vs. #7 San Jose Sharks

The matchup: This matchup will feature a battle between arguably the two best goaltenders in the entire league, right up until the Blues practice ends and the Sharks come out on the ice.
The view from St. Louis: Coach Ken Hitchcock's system is often incorrectly described as "defense-first", since that implies that something other than defence might be second or third.
The view from San Jose: Hey, plucky underdogs upset heavily favored top seeds in the first few rounds all the time, mumble Sharks fans bitterly.
Player to watch: David Backes will be tasked with shutting down Joe Thornton, which he plans to do by following him around while occasionally pointing at a calendar that reads "April".
Prediction: After they wrap up the series and advance to the second round, you grudgingly admit that maybe it's time to learn the names of a few of the St. Louis Blues' non-goalies.

Montreal Canadiens GM Application Form

Want to be Habs' GM?  Make sure you go through this form first:
One highlight:

A successful GM can impart a sense of optimism to fans. Please highlight something positive about the current roster.
( ) The team is practically unbeatable when Andrei Markov is healthy, so that's like having a four point head start every year.
( ) Carey Price has firmly established himself as one of the NHL's elite goalies, so we should be able to trade him for some spare parts any time now.
( ) Most of the roster is young and in good health, so it's possible that a few of them will still be playing when Josh Gorges' contract finally expires.
( ) Montreal has the only fans in the league that don't have to wake up each morning and immediately think "Man, I really hope my team doesn't go out and acquire Tomas Kaberle today".

Hopefully you're already following DGB, but if not, there is no better time to start than right now!

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