Monday, March 12, 2012

Memory Monday: Saku Koivu

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A throwback to our Memory Monday series of last summer (which will pick back up this off-season), as today we honour former Montreal Canadiens captain Saku Koivu who will play his 1,000th NHL game tonight with the Anaheim Ducks.

I grew up watching Koivu enter the league and establish himself, and from day one he was my favourite Hab. My favourite Canadiens-related moment to date remains being at the Bell Centre for the game that the determined little Finn returned from cancer. Easily the most emotional motivation I've been a part of, earning it a spot on the top 10 Saku Koivu moment videos list below. Congratulations Saku, a well-deserved milestone. In my heart, you're a Hab for life.

10) First NHL Goal
In his 999 games, Saku Koivu has scored 236 goals. Here was number one.

9) Pour Toujours Les Canadiens
Koivu played a staring role in the film created for the Canadiens Centennial, Pour Tourjours Les Canadiens.

8) 2004 World Cup of Hockey
A non-Habs moment, but I had to somehow include how dominant of an international player Koivu has been, partnering with Teemu Selanne on the global scene throughout his career. This goal was the winner in the semi-finals, allowing Finland to eliminate Team USA.

7) Tim Thomas Fail
Admittedly this clip is more popular for Thomas tripping on the puck than Koivu's goal, but I can never watch the Habs defeat the Bruins too many times.

6) Playoff Marker

Koivu was always a clutch playoff performer, and this was one of his bigger tallies, giving Montreal a 4-3 lead (and being the game winner) after they trailed a game 3-1 to the Bruins.

5) The Feisty Finn
Koivu isn't only a skill player. He never backs down from anyone and doesn't shy away from physical play. Two fine examples of his big hits.

4) Beating the Bruins
Koivu always seemed to save some of his best performances for Boston, whether it was taking on Joe Thornton back in the day, or doing things like this.

3) Back in Town
For at least one night, the loudest cheers during the pregame at the Bell Centre weren't reserved for the home team.

2) The Shootout Winner
It was the biggest comeback in Montreal Canadiens history, from down 5-0 to the New York Rangers. It was only appropriate that the captain himself put Montreal ahead in the shootout to win it.

1) The Return

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Anonymous said...

Saku Koivu - Class act - 110% effort. No ego. No hacking. Just a hockey player who goes thru life with joy to be able to play the game he loves, humility and an awerness how lucky he is in so many ways. Far too few Saku Koivus in the NHL and every other sport.