Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#EmelinBoom Campaign Storms Twitter

It's been no secret to readers of my blog that I maybe have a little mancrush on 25-year old Russian defenseman Alexei Emelin. I've repeatedly called for him to see more ice and an increased role with the club, and expressed concern that with a healthier team, Jacques Martin might go back to sitting him, leading to a quick exit from Montreal for the punishing blueliner.

But Wednesday night, Habs fans around the world came together to get the hash tag #EmelinBoom trending in support of Mr. Emelin's (hey - Pierre Gauthier's not the only one who can speak all formal-like!) play. For those who don't have Twitter, or aren't down with the lingo of those thar' young punks over thurr, here's what it's all about:

In talking with a caller during his show, Randy Tieman decided it would be a good idea to get the whole Bell Centre to respond in unison to Alexei Emelin's thunderous hits. The suggestion is, when Emelin lays someone out, for all 21,273 in attendance to pause a second and then scream, "BOOM!" It should produce a cool effect that will not only pump up the crowd, but hopefully get the juice going for the team as well!

The hashtag's origins are with CTV's Brian Wilde, and myself and @Habs_Retweet worked to have it spread across Twitter, a mission completed as the official Montreal Canadiens Twitter account re-Tweeted one of my posts about the movement.

So let's do it Habs fans. Starting tomorrow night, any time you see anything like the following videos, let Emelin know you appreciate his play! The best part is even the Togliatti Train himself will understand it. BOOM! is BOOM! in any language; English, French, Russian, or otherwise.

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