Friday, June 29, 2012

Moen, Daigneault, and Development Camp

The Canadiens announced today the re-signing of winger Travis Moen to a 4-year deal, paying him $1.85M per season.  He has a No Movement Clause for the deal's first two years.  The contract is a little long, but he'll still only be 34 when it's up, so it's not problematically long, and it is a great cap hit for a third/fourth line tough, defensive forward who is great in the locker room.


The Habs also today announced the hiring of J.J. Daigneault as an Assistant Coach in Montreal to manage the team's defensemen, thus rounding out the coaching staff of four.


Finally, the second portion of the Canadiens' Development Camp - predominantly featuring the 2012 draftees - is presently going on in Brossard.

Day 1 report (from my colleague Rick):

Day 2 report (from yours truly):

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rob said...

Thanks for the camp info, Dan, I'm a lapsed fan of the team, but there seems some real reason for hope with this latest draft. Curious about a couple of attendees you haven't mentioned yet, Charles Hudon and Erik Nystrom. They seem to be a bit overlooked at the back end of the draft.