Thursday, June 7, 2012

Important Announcement: A Time of Transition

Just like the Montreal Canadiens, the 2012 off-season is a time of transition for Dan's Daily Dose: Your Canadiens.  It is with a great pleasure that I today announce that I am joining the team over at and that all of my new content will henceforth be published over there.

First, I'd like to thank all of the readers who have made this little venture of mine successful since it first launched just over one year ago, on June 14, 2011.  I appreciate all of your views, comments, Tweets, and e-mails that made it a phenomenal year despite the hard times as a Habs fan.  It is your feedback that kept me writing despite a busy schedule, so I hugely appreciate all those that took the time to send me a message.

It was a difficult decision to cease publishing new content on Dan's Daily Dose, but in my eyes, along with some mainstream media, AllHabs is the top source for Habs content on the web, so when this opportunity arose, I had to take it.  If you don't currently read AllHabs, please go check it out.  There is a team of knowledgeable hockey people and talented scribes over there who I hope to supplement/compliment in continuing to bring you coverage of a wide array of topics about your Montreal Canadiens.

For those that have enjoyed coming to Dan's Daily Dose, I will continue to post here whenever I publish new content, with the post being a link to the story over at AllHabs.  I may also post links here to other works at AllHabs by my new colleagues that I think you will find pertinent or entertaining.  You can continue to follow my most frequent updates via Twitter, as my account @DailyCanadiens will remain as it is with a little re-imaging.

Once again, thanks for making this a fun adventure, and I hope you follow me over to my new home.  It's an exciting day for me, and with the great people behind AllHabs, I have no doubt that you'll be in for a treat if by some chance you're only just being introduced to the site.


Dan Kramer


Anonymous said...

Good luck at ALLHABS Dan. Actually I found your site more interesting. We must do what we feel is best, just as Bergevin and team chose Therrien. They didn't suddenly get stupid so it is the right choice. MT wasn't my favourite but he is my coach now.
PREDICTION:As the Bruins went from 91 points(95-96) to 61pts (96-97) to 89 pts (97-98) and Philly went 101 pts (05-060 to 56 pts (06-07) to 95 pts (07-08) I have no problem believing the past season was an anomaly and will hit in the mid 90's and a playoff spot.

HfxHabby said...

wow im actually really let down by this. I read your posts and i also read Allhabs. and there is no comparison. I guess i will unbookmarking this page
good luck to you

Dan K. said...

Sorry to those disappointed by this announcement. In addition to being excited by this opportunity, I'm at a point right now where - due to outside factors - on my own, I wouldn't have the time to maintain a daily site like this one.

For those that continue to visit this page, I will be posting links to all of my AllHabs pieces as they go up, so really you can continue to get the same experience you always have!

Anonymous said...

I get it... But man this thing was the best!