Thursday, August 4, 2011

Player Spotlight: Scott Gomez

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Certainly, there has been more than enough discussion about Scott Gomez's play, salary, and trade rumours to make any Hab fan sick of hearing his name. We all know he is paid way too much, that Bob Gainey made a horrible trade when acquiring him, and that he is coming off the far off worst season of his career with just 38 points in 80 games and a -15 rating.

So if we all know these things, why are we featuring the Alaskan native in today's Player Spotlight? Simply to look at a skill of his which is occasionally forgotten - one that almost makes his $7.357M cap hit swallowable. Almost.

That skill? The art of the interview. With an attitude perhaps unseen outside of Jeremy Roenick, Gomez flawlessly delivers punchlines and jabs at reporters while maintaining a serious and dry tone and look. His ability to make an interviewer uncomfortable is unparalleled in the league, so today we present you some of his best work over his career.


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