Thursday, May 31, 2012

Player Spotlight: P.K. Subban

If you're a Habs fan, you love him.  If you're a fan of any other team, you think he's overrated and love to boo him every time he touches the puck in your building.  But an objective hockey fan will tell you that Montreal's P.K. Subban is one of the league's more promising young blueliners.  But you know about him on the ice.  So today, we're going to focus on a few off-ice Subban stories you may be less familiar with.

It is no surprise to anyone that P.K. can be described as a character off the ice.  It being NHL draft season, with the Central Scouting Combine taking place this whole week, a lot of attention has been placed on Subban's relationship with is brothers, given that Malcolm Subban is the top-rated North American netminder out of this year's crop.  The next Subban in line is another blueliner, Jordan, who made his debut for the Belleville Bulls (meaning that, yes, all three Subbans have played for the OHL's Bulls) last season as a spry 16-year old.  He impressively scored 20 points in 53 games a rookie, and is one many are following closely for the 2013 draft, deemed to perhaps be just as skilled as big brother P.K.  What he doesn't have is P.K.'s size, measuring in at only 5'9" and 170 lbs as of now.

P.K. and his brothers were a big part of the George Stromboulopoulos show after last night's game 1 win by the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Here's a clip of most of the Subbans segment if you missed it:

You can watch the full episode on the CBC website here:

For those not on Twitter, P.K.'s personality also shone through a little teasing he did for his followers last week.  He first posted the following:
Naturally, this had many Hab fans dreaming the announcement would be that the Restricted Free Agent has agreed to a new long-term deal with the Canadiens.  The Twitter world was abuzz, and P.K. made them wait it out for nearly 24 hours before this announcement, done in a style only fitting of Mr. Subban himself:
So yes it was Subban who officially unveiled the new Twitter account of Carey Price - or apparently C-Prizzle / Carey Cash Prizzy to his friends - to the world.  Still waiting on that contract announcement, P.K.!

For his antics, a lot of people around the web have referred to Subban as a "troll."  This led to HFBoards user Seb creating a meme, creatively warped a photo of Subban by integrating the infamous troll face drawing to create this masterpiece, side by side with the troll face for comparison:

Pretty well done!  But P.K. isn't ALL jokes and gags, so we leave you with one of his Nike AlwaysOn pieces that show the more intense side of the training-obsessed Subban that has gotten him to where he is today:

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